This evening I was preparing for an upcoming presentation and started brainstorming to get my head in the right place. I wanted to get down my basic, fundamental, beliefs about why a small business owner should embrace New Media marketing.

Here is my quick list.

It’s a place to get started when you are looking to answer the big question of “why”. The list should generate some insights or further questions as you read it. I recommend you read through the list once, to get it over with, then a second time to see how each point resonates with you and your goals.

Examine your own feelings and be honest. Are you excited, scared, worried or do you feel nothing? These emotions should also give you some insight.

Reflection is the greatest tool we have for improvement. Use it often!

…and now the list!

  1. Social Media builds brand equity. It’s drives participation in communities and groups by it’s very nature and provides a clean medium for sharing value.
  2. If you believe in your product and are passionate about what you do, you can build a community no matter how small your niche
  3. You make money  by being involved and caring. It is that simple.
  4. It takes time to make money, you need passion and patience. If you do actually adopt a strategy, you’ll need to work it for at least a year before you start to see the full return on your investment.
  5. Be a Hustler! Work harder, longer and more passionately than the next person in the room. Most still don’t realize that it is not luck, but hard work, that creates success.
  6. People ask how many tools they need to use…….use as many as you can sanely handle. Be everywhere a potential customer may be. Make a few mistakes along the way and continue to find the ones that yield the most contact.
  7. You must be authentic to win a community of fans. Once you have a solid base of fans who believe in your value, put a plan in place for monetizing.As your building your community you should be looking for the core structure of that plan
  8. Where do your customers live on the web? Breathe, play and work there. Look for the new locations and the tried & true.
  9. Adopt video!!! If nothing else, start recording 1 minute of advice a day. It’s easy, cheap and conveys emotion to those who are watching.
  10. Don’t try and please everyone. Please a core group who will use your product. Be yourself.
  11. Work when others aren’t. The most successful entrepreneurs work at night. Just two hours each night is an extra 10 per week…and they generally are uninterrupted.

What do you think? I am right, wrong, idiotic or crazy? What skills or strategies have worked for you?

Happy Hustlin!